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Once, long ago, Ivern Bramblefoot was called Ivern the Cruel—that was before he tangled with a God-Willow. In the centuries since, Ivern has roamed the forests of Runeterra, cultivating life wherever he goes. Wildflowers bloom in his footsteps as he laughs with trees, plays tricks on rocks, and dines with moss on the sun’s delectable rays.

Champion and skin sale: 09.20 - 09.

When we started this journey 10 years ago, we had no idea what Riot and League would become. Luckily, we were carried forward by the passion of a player community that continues to grow and evolve, ten years later.

There’s nothing more to say beyond thank you.

Champion and skin sale: 09.13 - 09.

Hi folks,

Kog’Maw has some significant changes coming in patch 6.19 that we wanted to give some extra context on.

When we set out to update Kog last preseason, it was with the intent of doubling down on his already unique and well-supported identity of being the Marksman you could rely on to deal most of your team’s damage as long as you protect and enhance him - reinforcing the notion of ‘protect the Kog’ as a team strategy.

State of Champion Update BY REAV3

Hey guys,

We thought it would be a good time to do a deep dive into the Champion Update Team. Similar to the “State of the Season” Devblog that Meddler puts out, we wanted to try doing a “State of Champion Update.”

We currently have four small teams on Champion Updates: two focused on the large scale reworks, one focused on our big class updates, and a small team of illustrators (in house and outsourcing partners) that are going through and updating old outdated splash art.

Champion and skin sale: 08.30 - 09.

Hello!I’m Riot Reinboom and I’m here to drop some Sweet minion AI game documentation on you all.


Hi there,

I’m Pabro, a Product Manager, on the LoL Personalization Content Team (aka Skins team) and I’m here to give you all an update on Championship Riven as she will be hitting PBE very soon.

Worlds is a special time of year, and with the introduction of Championship Zed (surprise!) who rounds out a full Championship team comp, we wanted to look back to Season 2 where the championship line began.

Hey Everyone,

This is Pabro, from the Personalization team here to talk about the slew of World Championship related skins, icons, and good stuff hitting PBE for Patch 6.18. We're super excited to celebrate the 2016 World Championship with you, and we’re bringing a bunch of ways to show off your team pride in game.