Blue and Silver Nasus by Akathosh

Blue and Silver Nasus by Akathosh

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This is the first skin I made. A friend of mine asked me to make a Nasus skin for him, and after seeing it, he asked if I would upload it. And here it is.

I changed his armor to dark blue, thats why I originally intended to name him Obsidian Nasus, but unfortunately, someone else already named his skin like this. Blue and Silver were also taken, so thats what I came up with ( very creative, I know ;) ).
I did NOT change the particles, not really anything worth changing, I think it looks good as it is.

If there is something you would change, advise me to do, any ideas or anything else, just tell me, I will see if I can do something about it.

Edit: Changed the color if his weapon to orange and added a little scarab on his head.
I'm currently trying to put in a bit more details, making him look more egyptian, maybe an ankh or something like this.
Edit2: Added a bit more orange to his armor, now the scarabs on his back and bracers are visible again. And the picture is a bit blurred, looks better In-game.

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