Olaf the Barbarian (by MMKH)

Olaf the Barbarian (by MMKH)

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It was along the rolling mountains of Lokfar that Olaf the Barbarian once fought the greatest of his battles. After leading a personal army of Berserkers against a rival barbarian, Olaf emerged victorious. Many possessions that once belonged to the defeated were taken as spoils of war, and the conqueror outfitted himself with a new look using bear hides and ornate armour from his fallen enemy. "Leave nothing behind" was one of his trademark quotes as he laughed amongst his fierce comrades while celebrating their glorious victory.

Inspired by the Diablo Barbarian character class and references include art from Warhammer Online.

-Copy the folders "Characters" and "Particles" into your Riot Games "DATA" directory

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