Chaotic Blade Yasuo

Chaotic Blade Yasuo

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This is a re-skin of Yasuo's original skin, I have made the skin overall darker, and changed the main thematic color from blue to magenta-red. All the Particles have been adjusted as well (minus the dashing-Q for which I couldn't find the particle) As far as I know the only way to install this skin is through the use of SIU (Skin Installer Ultimate) and if you do see any solid blue textures or particles in game, the "fix skin" option in SIU should fix it.

This version has been slightly altered.
I changed his hair to be less solid black to give it a more realistic look, and also changed the Sash pattern.
Until I (or someone else) finds the Dashing Q particle, this will likely be the final version of the skin.

This skin includes:
New Textures on top of his base skin.
New Particles
New Loading Screen

The only particle I couldn't find is his alternate Q particle (the spin dash slash). If anyone can find this file please let me know and I will edit it too~

Spotlight thanks to nach1221

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