Cassiopeia Revisited

Cassiopeia Revisited

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Well, I started out skinning with Cass and I decided, that over the years my original skin has become quite dated, so I decided to get back to Cass with the skills I've picked up along the way and share the result as a little christmas gift to those who have enjoyed my skins in the past.

As usual, the skin comes in two versions, one barely SFW and one NSFW.

I'm happy with the 3D models and the binding, but I'll probably put some more work some into the textures/theme/details sometime in the future (and possibly work in suggestions if you have any). Since I don't know when that will happen and I wanted to get the skin out before christmas, I decided to upload the current version regardless. I do believe it fits into the new Summoner's Rift fairly nicely even in its current state.

Have a lovely day and happy holidays!

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