Redgar 2: The blue steel elite soldier *UPDATED*

Redgar 2: The blue steel elite soldier *UPDATED*

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Version 2.1: I redid his shoulder completely, now it has layered textures. Also fixed the strength of some red parts to be more in line with the rest of them. Enjoy!

I redid the skin from scratch! The last one was kind of weakly done, without the use of any editing skills admittedly. Now, I can't even make a skin with just 2 colors, so I introduced the blue steel component to Redgar and toned down the white a lot - now it actually still has texture ;D
Anyways, I don't play much Rengar these days but I hope someone who does can appreciate my reattempt at my over 2 year old skin concept.

Redgar is an attempt at a trained military-ish Rengar, that is suited for ops instead of hunting.
It is made for the classic Rengar skin and will work as is.
Includes just a texture, no particles have been changed as they work well with the skin.

As always, tell me if you have suggestions or comments. I will self-comment that the shoulder skull could be blue steel instead of red - however I am not sure ;D

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