[BEAST] War'Khor, the Void Hunter

[BEAST] War'Khor, the Void Hunter

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Okay. I took the liberty to make a void-styled Warwick; and I have to say I like the outcome. Not my finest work of art, but a very nice one nonetheless.

Changes made to the actual Hyena skin:
Retexture, recolor, added Runic symbols with meanings (see if you can locate them! ^ ^)
Added cool "tattoos" and ionic and very.. voidish symbols, see if you can trace them. ^ ^

Loadscreen included, I was really lazy so I took the liberty to make a very simple loadscreen. Nonetheless, it is a loadscreen so enjoy. X3X

Rate, like, and comment!
- Bad comments are welcome, as long if they have any sort of critism in them. Comments like "u suck" or "bad skin" for no reason explaining why it's a bad skin are just worthless since I will really pay no attention to them. o3o

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