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Champion: Anivia, The Cryophoenix
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Toxic Anivia

Replaces BlackFrost Anivia As an Anivia Main i said why not a recolor of the blackfrost Anivia so i made it!! Inclu...

Weed Da Smokev2 - 4,548 views - Updated: 1 year, 7 months ago
Anivia, New spell/ability icons

For those who wants new spell icons :3

ChiliCookie - 6,137 views
Emerald Armor Anivia

This is my 2nd skin and i am very proud of it. Please comment your opinion on my new skin and make sure to like ...

Zinogresword - 3,541 views - Updated: 1 year, 11 months ago
Dark Anivia

My skin change Anivia and Anivia egg graphic. Full graphic screens: Skills: http://i.img...

TomaszA2 - 3,647 views - Updated: 1 year, 9 months ago
Zapdos Anivia

My best interpretation of what Zapdos would look like with Anivia's geometry. Scaled up to 2k.

ChiefJoseph - 6,070 views
Pure Ice Anivia

After being under the control of Lissandra, The Ice Witch... Now, Anivia faces the mistakes she made under this inf...

Trollivia - 5,352 views
Frosted Tip Anivia

Frosted Tips Inspired by Ethan Spotlight :

pvtlink - 3,590 views
Phoenix Anivia- My first Skin

This is my first Skin, i haven't made the new particles and icons for this Skin yet, but they will come in the next d...

TryHard Kex - 5,972 views
Wasteland Anivia v1

It's been a while since I attempted custom skinning, so I'm a bit rusty. What I have here is my skin idea for ''Toxic...

Banana Phone - 7,326 views - Updated: 2 years, 5 months ago
Smash Anivia

I did 5 skins for 5 champs, because my ranked team want have personal skins with similar colours. Champs: -thre...

mikkki - 11,816 views

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